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Frequently Asked Questions - VIRA 2018

Q1. The Program

Ans: The Venus International Research Awards-VIRA (scheme was instituted in the year 2015 by the Centre for Advanced Research and Design-CARD of Venus International Foundation-VIF), are presented yearly during the Annual Research Meet-ARM (that is conducted during August month of the year) and the scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Regulations, Application Form, Expert Committee and Judging Process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust. The VIRA Award scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Regulations, Application Form, Expert Committee and Judging Process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust.

Q2. What are the eligibility criteria to apply for VIRA 2018?

Ans : A working professional can nominate an eligible individual (or self nominate). The qualification of the nominee must be recognized and documented by corresponding successes in research, such as - Collaboration with industries/institutions - Contracts - Patents - Grants - Publications (Articles and Books) - Special awards Significant contribution, growth and achievement in their area of expertise

Q3. How many entrants win VIRA Awards?

Ans : For each Specialization/Subdivision/Category (Eg. Distinguished Scientist - Engineering/Mechanical), the expert committee will select 2 Nominees. However the Apex Committee reserve the rights to honor less or more than 2 nominees in any category who meet standards set by the expert committee.

Q4. What are the VIRA Process ?

Ans :

Step-1: Nomination papers will be sent for screening process (preliminary selection)

Step-2: Acknowledgement intimation will be communicated to the Nominee

Step-3: VIRA Team may ask the proof for the credits mentioned in the CV. (Optional)

Step-4: Cross verifying the data submitted & forwarding it to the Committee

Step-5: The selected nominees will be communicated via a formal letter via mail

Step-6: Registration Process & VIRA List updatation in Webpage

Step-7: Floating the Award Winner Profile & including the same in the VIRA Report

Step-8: Award Presentation Ceremony

Step-9: Release of the ARM & VIRA 2018 Report

Q5. Why the Winner has to Register for the Program ?

Ans : The VIRA Award scheme, is part of Annual Research Meet (ARM). ARM is a self-supporting event. The registration fees are the major source of revenue for running the event. All the expenses of the events (Planning, Promotion & Publicity, Equipment/Major Rentals, Photography, Lunch and Breaks, Materials, Gifts/Premiums, Publications, Taxes, Execution and Miscellaneous Costs, Website & Its Maintenance etc) are covered by the event income (registration fees from the participants) and Foundation operating funds.

Q6. Can I do the on-spot registration ?

Ans :No. Till the submission of Registration papers, we can't process the Proof checking / Printing of Award Certificate & Memento, Exclusive Web Page work and preparation of Report.

Q7. After registering for the event, if the Winner is unable to attend the event, how to get the Award ?

Ans : We expect the Award Winner's presence on the day of Celebration. If not, He/She can can depute a person to get the Award on the Function date. (or) VIRA Team will send the Award Certificate, Medal and Memento via courier to the Winner's Address during the 3rd week of August 2018. However, as soon as the Winner register for the Event, His/Her name will be appear in the Award Winners List, His/Her Profile will be uploaded in the Web page & His/Her details will be included in the VIRA Report.

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