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The Venus International Research Awards (affectionately known as the VIRAs) are now in their third year. The VIRA scheme was instituted in the year 2015 by the Centre for Advanced Research and Design (CARD) of Venus International Foundation (VIF), are presented yearly during the Annual Research Meet (ARM) that is conducted during November/December month of the year and the scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Regulations, Application Form, Expert Committee and Judging Process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust.


To celebrate creative minds of world


To recognize 'Expertly Qualified-Highly Cited Research Professionals' who are committed to finding solutions to the daunting challenges.


To honour the individuals for extraordinary achievements and significant contributions in the field of Agriculture, Engineering, Medical Science, Management, and Humanities and Social Science.

VIF has a history of successful celebration of Scientific Events & Award Ceremonies from the 2015. Our executive team, from inception to implementation, has a Accountability-Clarity- Commitment-Follow through-Goals-Priorities-Translation to Action etc. We believe that the mentality, resourcefulness, creative talents and diverse thinking of the Board of Trust is the driving force behind our success.

  • 5th Research Awards - VIRA 2019
  • The VIRA 2019 is scheduled on August 3, 2019.

  • 4th Research Awards - VIRA 2018
  • The VIRA 2018 was held in the Radha Rengent Chennai, India on August 11, 2018. It identifies 133 nominees and bestowed the Award.

  • 3nd Research Awards - VIRA 2017
  • The VIRA 2017 was held in the Radha Rengent Chennai, India on November 11, 2017. It identifies 190 nominees and bestowed the Award.

  • 2nd Research Awards - VIRA 2016
  • The VIRA 2016 was held in the Le Royal Meridien Chennai, India on December 3, 2016. It identifies 229 nominees and bestowed the Award.

  • 1st Research Awards - VIRA 2015
  • The VIRA 2015 was held in the Le Royal Meridien Chennai, India on December 19, 2015. It identifies 280 nominees and bestowed the Award.

Meetings are an important part of the lives of many people!

  • It bring people together and by the very objective of building community around a subject, they have a positive social impact.
  • It is also possible to go beyond engaging the attendees at events and reach out to ensure surrounding communities, staff and other stakeholders benefit from the event.
  • Attending a VIF Meet will be a novel learning/social experience in addition to the conventional enjoyment - memorable recreation etc.
  • The energy of like minded individuals can meet experts & influencers face to face
  • New Tools - New Tips & Tactics - Greater Focus
  • Learning beyond a field or interest (Investing In Yourself)
  • Networking - The ability to share ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals

The VIRA Award scheme, is part of Annual Research Meet (which is a self-supporting event). It has a specific objectives and activities with subject to applicable Foundation Policies and Govt. of India Taxes. Without financial assistance from the Indian Government or other agencies in any form, ARM is initiated by the CARD of the VIF. The registration fees are the major source of revenue for running the event. All the expenses of the events (Planning, Promotion & Publicity, Equipment/Major Rentals, Photography, Lunch and Breaks, Materials, Gifts/Premiums, Publications, Taxes, Execution and Miscellaneous Costs, Website & Its Maintenance etc) are covered by the event income (registration fees from the participants) and Foundation operating funds.

The registration fees collected will also supports the long term development of the Meet and to keep the ARM format viable by ensuring that infrastructure and services are in place from year to year. Registration includes: Access to all sessions and invited speakers, Participation Certificate and One High Buffet Lunch Coupon and Breaks. However, The registration does not include the travel and accommodation cost of the participants. Additional charges are applicable for accompanying person(s).

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