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Dr. Eng-Poh Ng

Affiliation at the time of the award: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia                                                                                                Print Version - PDF

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  • From Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
The Award
  • Dr. Eng-Poh Ng submitted his nomination in the Science Specialization for VIRA 2016 on October 20, 2016 and the same has been selected for the OUTSTANDING SCIENTIST Award in the field of Materials Chemistry based on the Expert Committee report and APEX Committee recommendations as per the 'VIRA Process'.
  • The selection has been communicated via a formal letter [F. No.VIF/ANL/RA/2016 (AAP-III)] dated October 26, 2016 to Dr. Eng-Poh Ng (Nomination Code-RA16SCNC674). Subsequently Dr. Eng-Poh Ng has given his consent to receive the Award by submitting the registration form on November 7, 2016.
The Presentation
  • Dr. Eng-Poh Ng has 'Attended and Participated' in the Annual Research Meet-ARM 2016 (Agenda: Technical Talks, Research Discussions & Award Ceremony, The Venus International Research Awards -VIRA 2016) organized by the CARD of Venus International Foundation on December 3, 2016 at the Le Royal Meridien Chennai.
  • The Outstanding Scientist Award-'Certificate, Bronze Medal and Memento' has been bestowed to Dr. Eng-Poh Ng in view of recognition of his Initiatives, Discoveries, and Developments in the field of Materials Chemistry by the Guest of Honors of ARM 2016 namely Hon'ble Mr Justice S. K. Krishnan-Judge, Lok Adalat, High Court of Madras, India & Dr. V. Ganesan-Former Asso. Director, IGCAR, Kalapakkam, India, on December 3, 2016 at Le Royal Meridien, Chennai, India.

Note: The Venus International Research Awards-VIRA (is a part of the Annual Research Meet-ARM 2016) 'Celebrating the Creative Minds of World' by proudly recognizing 'Expertly Qualified-Highly Cited Research Professionals' in the age group of 27-62 years who are committed to finding solutions to the daunting challenges. The scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Regulations, Application Form, Expert Committee and Judging Process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust. The VIRA 2016 is convened by the Centre for Advanced Research and Design (CARD) of VIF & conducted in accordance with the VIF BOARD MEETING resolution vide F. No. VIF/MIN/BM-III/2016 held on August 3, 2016 at VIF Head Quarters. The VIRA 2016 invites nominations vide F. No. VIF/CFN/RA/2016 dt. Aug 5, 2016 opened on 8 August 2016 from eligible individuals those are in 'Continuous Regular Service in Research or Academic Institution/Agency'

  • His proudest achievement in the last 2 years is that his research work about nanocrystalline zeolites have been appreciated and widely studied after it has been published in Science journal in 2012. Since then, many papers and patents about nanosized zeolites in green synthesis and advanced applications have been reported, particularly in 2014-2016.
  • Unlike conventional zeolites which are limited by their big crystallite size, nanocrystallinezeolites (<100 nm) with high external surface area can be stabilized in colloidal form. These create unique/novel properties to nanozeolites, enabling the expansion of zeolite application area towards atomic energy production, food, paper, drug delivery, ceramics, biomedicine, paints, electronics, recording materials, lubricants, detergents and so on.
  • Further more several types of zeolite nanocrystals have recently been commercialized by internationalchemical and zeolite companies confirming the significant contribution of his research work. Recently, his research achievement also earned top honors when his work has been selected as the Runner-Up in the “Top Ten Scientific Breakthrough of The Year”announced by Science journal.
Research and Development Activities

Major Area of Research: Materials Chemistry (Nanoporous Materials)

Research Interests: Zeolites, Nanoporous materials, Inorganic materials syntheses, Advanced applications, Green and environmental chemistry

Current Research Focus: Nanocrystalline zeolites, Nanoporous Materials, Catalysis, Lubricant oil

  • Dr. Eng-Poh Ng current research of interest focuses on synthesis, design and characterization of porous solid materials. Zeolites have uniform pores with the size of less than 2 nm that make them useful as molecular sieves. This sieving action is appreciated in mixtures separation both in industrial applications and for environmental cleanup. Some zeolites possess catalytic reactivity and are widely used to catalyze numerous chemical reactions in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • His research involves more fundamental studies into the design, synthesis and characterization of porous frameworks. His research is multi-disciplinary in nature utilizing a broad range of characterization techniques including XRD, NMR, SEM, TEM, GC, GC/MS, TG/DTA, XPS, IR, etc.
Life and Work
  • Eng-Poh Ng was born on December 20,1981 at Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia. He obtained his Ph.D degree in 2009 from University of Mulhouse (Université de Haute-Alsace), Alsace, France under the supervision of Prof. Dr Svetlana Mintova.
  • Dr. Eng-Poh Ng received his BSc (first class honors) degree (2004) in industrial chemistry and MSc in chemistry (2006) from the University of Technology of Malaysia, Malaysia. After post-doctoral work in the University of Caen, France, he was appointed as a senior lecturer in 2010 at the Universiti Sains Malaysia.
  • His main research interests are synthesis and application of nanoporous silica-based materials for adsorption, catalysis and new applications. After work, he spends his leisure time doing outdoor sports, playing with kids and learning how to cook.

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