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Award Winner - 2018

  • Born
    March 14, 1991
    at Thoothukudi, TamilNadu, India

  • Affiliation at the time of award
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai,
    Chhattisgarh, India

  • The Award
    "Young Scientist in Materials and Manufacturing"
    has been bestowed to
    Dr. Jose Immanuel R for his contribution, research excellence and accomplishments

  • The Research Meet 2018
Jose Immanuel - Facts

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  • From Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India
  • From Google Scholar

  • Discipline: Engineering
  • Area of Research: Development and characterization of advanced Engineering Materials
  • Research/Constancy Projects: (Ongoing/Completed)
    • Title:
    • Funding Agency:
  • Current R&D Activities: 1. Actively involved in formulating research collaboration with various research institutes and industries 2. Initiated research collaboration with Bhilai Steel Plant 3. A research group “Advanced Materials & Manufacturing” is started in the institute with the mission to provide solution to the materials related problems and the associated manufacturing difficulties faced by industries broadly in the automotive, aerospace, defence sectors, etc.
Distinguished Award
Distinguished Award
  • Dr. Jose Immanuel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai, India. He received his MS and PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Dr. Jose Immanuel’s prime research focus is in modifying the material’s microstructure to cater the engineering needs. His research is in the areas of material processing, microstructural characterization, machinability, deformation behavior, tribological performance and crystallographic texture.

  • He received Best PhD Project Award in the area of Surface Engineering, Tribology, Advanced Materials – composites, coatings and treatments for his thesis titled “Development of Ultrafine Grained A356 Aluminium Alloy by Severe Plastic Deformation and Studies on its Deformation behaviour and Machinability” at IIT Madras. Apart from academics, he has a strong passion towards exercise, bike-riding and music.

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